April discovered her love for the photographic process at a young age.  She was always running around with a camera everywhere she went.  As she grew older she realized her passion for motion picture.

April decided to go to film school at the University of Regina where she focused on cinematography.  Her time at the University proved to be profitable for her as she shot several short films and had great opportunities to meet several influential people in the Canadian film industry.

After finishing the film program at the University April began her career working in the industry as a camera assistant.  Spending years working her way up in the camera department she decided she needed to better understand lighting.  Having decided this she turned towards work as a lighting technician.  She quickly worked her way up to Gaffer and has now combined her skills in camera and in lighting to realize her dream of Cinematographer.

April began her career in a small city in Saskatchewan and as her career progressed she moved on to larger and larger cities.  Spending most of her time in Vancouver she wanted a larger challenge and has now moved to London.  Her time in London has been filled with numerous film and digital projects and has taken her all around Europe.  She has also had several speaking engagements at prestigious festivals through out Canada and Europe in regards to her work as a cinematographer.

April is excited to continue her adventures as a cinematographer and continue forward to more challenging projects and interesting places.